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IShowSpeed Was Brutally Swatted And Arrested, HE’S GOING TO JAIL

(IShowSpeed Was Brutally Swatted: The Picture Of The Arrest)

IShowSpeed Was Brutally Swatted By Cincinnati Police Officers For Prank Calling Them

YouTuber IShowSpeed appeared to be handcuffed and detained during his August 8 stream. A group of Cincinnati police officers surrounded the content creator outside a building after an unidentified person falsely reported him as a threat. Netizens could not believe that the popular internet figure was put in such a situation. More on how IShowSpeed Was Brutally Swatted And Arrested in this video.

(IShowSpeed Was Brutally Swatted: The Video Of The Arrest From WTF YouTube Channel)

In one of his latest livestream broadcasts, the YouTuber appears to have been swatted as he is surrounded by law enforcement. For the unversed, swatting refers to the criminal harassment tactic of deceiving an emergency service into sending a police or emergency service response team to another person’s address. Such acts often occur when people send in false reports of serious illegal offenses like bomb threats, murders, hostage situations, etc.

In the now viral video, the YouTuber appeared visibly confused throughout the situation. He said in disbelief: “Oh my god, bro! I swear I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do s**t. Oh my god!”

The cameraman continued to film the content creator until a police officer approached him and asked him to stop filming until the matter got resolved.

Darren Watkins Jr., who is best known online as IShowSpeed, has acquired over 10.35 million subscribers on YouTube. The Cincinnati, Ohio native is best known for his eccentric and hot-headed personality. Fans thoroughly enjoy his livestreams. The YouTuber initially gained traction for his Fortnite streams. Since then, he has gained popularity for his NBA 2K, Five Night at Freddy’s 4, Minecraft and Talking Tom & Friends streams.

Netizens were immensely shocked by his recent interaction with law enforcement. A clip of the entire matter was uploaded to YouTube under his official channel. The video which was titled- “wtf,” had amassed nearly two million views at the time of writing.

People Showing Some Support For The YouTuber

The 17 year old is not the first streamer to be swatted by law enforcement during a live broadcast. On August 7, Twitch streamer Adin Ross was also put in the same predicament where police officers with weapons raided his room before the stream ended.


What is IShowSpeed name?

Darren Watkins Jr.

Darren Watkins Jr.

(birthday: January 21), better known online as IShowSpeed (or simply known as Speed, or Speedy), is an American YouTuber from Cincinnati, Ohio.

What IS IShowSpeed nationality?

American (USA)

When did Speed become famous?

Between June 22 and June 29, 2021, Speed went from 300K subscribers to 1M. With 2K21 being an underwhelming release, Speed shifted to other games and making Omegle-related content. At this point, multiple pages had started to share his clips on platforms like TikTok, which contributed to his meteoric rise.

How Old Is speed really?

Darren Watkins aka IShowSpeed, or Speed, is a 17 year old American Youtuber and content creator from Cincinnati, Ohio. Speed has gathered a massive online following over the last few years, acquiring 8.9 million subscribers on YouTube and 6.3 million TikTok followers, despite only posting 7 videos.

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