Kodak Black Was Released From Jail Hours Ago.

Kodak Black Was Released From Jail Hours Ago.

Bill Kahan Kapri AKA Kodak Black was released last night from jail on a 75K Bond after being arrested in Florida for allegedly carrying and possessing dozens of Oxy Pills. the young rapper was witnessed leaving the Broward Country Prison and that was documented and posted later by reporter from NBC 6 the state of Florida.

The Video Of Kodak Black Leaving Jail

(Kodak Black Was Released From Jail Hours Ago / WPLG Local 10 YT Channel)

According to the rapper’s lawyer Bradford Cohen the release bond had been negotiated at a hearing Saturday morning and was fixed by the judge at 75K, posted by Rolling Stone.

Just as remind, Kodak was captured and arrested only for illegal window tint and after the pulled him over the cops smelled a very strong weed scent coming out of the car, and that’s what made the cops search his bulletproof SUV and find everything they found, shortly after that he was handcuffed and arrested for possessing 30+ Oxy Pills and 50K in cash.

And according the police report black’s license and vehicle tags were both expired as well, the rapper known as The Super Gremlin has been in and out of jail for the past couple of years of his life, last one was for Weapons Possession, only to have his sentence commuted by former president Donald Trump.


What is Kodak black status?

In October 2020, Kodak Black was transferred to United States Penitentiary, Thomson. On January 19, 2021, President Donald Trump commuted Kodak Black’s sentence for his 2020 conviction.

How old is Kodak black?

25 Years Old (June 11,1997)

Does Kodak Black have kids?

Kodak Black is the father of two children, including his son, King, and his daughter, Yuri, from two separate women, and in Feb., it was reported he had a third child on the way.

Who is Kodak black mom?

Marcelene Octave

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Kodak Black Was Reportedly Arrested By The Police Suddenly.

Kodak Black Was Reportedly Arrested By The Police Suddenly.

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