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Swavy Is Back With His New Song “Burn”

Swavy Is Back With His New Song "Burn"

Swavy Is Back With His New Song “Burn” Following His Drake Co-signed Release “Old Ways”, How’s It Sounding ?

This past summer, a mysterious new song and a new artist came on the scene and took fans by surprise. Some of the most respected artists, both locally and internationally, began sharing snippets and posts of a song titled “Old Ways” by an artist named Swavy. The song was infectious and captured listeners right off the bat, even though they didn’t know who it came from and why it was so good, Swavy Is Back With His New Song “Burn“.

A few weeks later, we started to learn more about Swavy, the Mississauga-raised artist who is now signed to Preme’s Rep’s Up label. The artist has received an incredible amount of praise since coming on to the scene but as we learned through our interview, it all makes sense.

Swavy “Burn”

Swavy Is Back With His New Song “Burn”: The Video Clip

Swavy has been musically gifted for his entire life and surrounded by a family that is also highly talented. It took him several years to find his sound and get the opportunity that he needed — but now that he’s here, he has every intention of taking it as far as possible.

We spoke to Swavy about his early life as well as the success of his single, “Old Ways.” We also asked him what we should expect from him in the future; now we’re more excited than ever.

Swavy: I grew up in Sauga, basically my whole life, but I did also have a grandpa in the Scarborough area. So, when I was young, I used to go back and forth, sometimes staying there for weeks. And the reason I call myself the Lone Wolf is because my story has just always been like that. When I was a kid, I didn’t even go to school with a lot of kids, so I wasn’t really social or out there like that. My main social life came from playing football. I started at nine, just because my older brothers played, you know?

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