“Thor Is Going To Be A Lover”; Taika Waititi’s New Vision For This Movie

(Thor, Jane Foster And Gorr The God Butcher)

The Full Story Of How Thor Is Going To Be A Lover

Taika waititi has revealed what was his plan for this upcoming marvel sequel Thor: Love And Thunder and that is to make a new version of Thor “fans wouldn’t really like” And he was actually trying to give the Character some space to develop and actually become “Thor The Lover”

On one of the director’s interviews with one of the magazines, The 46 years old writer-director explained that he was enthusiastic to leave the battle-hungry vicious Asgardian warrior we’ve witnessed in the previous movies, instead he decided to focus on his inner feelings…from love to peace to happiness which was so obvious given the movie’s title. Taika also stated : “If you were to say to them, ‘Yeah, I’m going to make Thor in love,’ it’s probably the last thing that a Thor fan really wants to hear.” which is to switch things up a bit and decide that Thor Is Going To Be A Lover.

The director of Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love And Thunder mentioned that a one eye demigod wouldn’t fit the shoes of what fans think of a hero, Hemsworth, who has played this marvel character since 2011, couldn’t have been more suitable to change some hard core fans minds.

On a recent interview of Chris Hemsworth With Vanity Fair. ” I didn’t think i grew that character in anyway and i didn’t think i showed the audience something unexpected and diffrent. When Ragnarok came along, out of my own frustration on what I’d done – and this isn’t on any other director this is my own performance – i really wanted to break the model and i said this to Taika (The Director) “

He also stated : ” I think our conversation we had was, ‘I’m bored of Thor’, and ‘I’m really bored of Thor, too’. Then we decided not to be bored and anytime that feeling came into play, we’d go in a different direction. We just dismantled the character. We wanted him to be more unpredictable. We wanted him to be [in] a different set of circumstances than he was before and then have the humor come through. I had a great relationship with Taika and we had a great sense of banter, and I thought we should cram that into this space. ” so as a summary of what the actor had in mind we believe that he was aiming at a new vision for this film that Thor is going to be a lover.

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